Grow from seeds

Dear Andras

The fix for grow from seeds works very well as well as the additional segmentation script, thank you.
The only issue is that the 3D rendering does not appear to automatically update. Does so if manually forced to refresh. I am using 4.13.0-2021-07-15 r30048 / 550f033.


@RonSpine I believe @Sunderlandkyl just fixed this. Can you try the latest nightly?

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version 4.13.0 revision 30080 built 2021-07-28?

Quick Q. In our discussion, you mentioned that a second segmentation can be carried local to a specific label. Tried to do it in slicer by limiting threshold to a named mask #, but the change appears to be global. Is there an example how it is done. Ron

I think so but haven’t checked. Maybe @Sunderlandkyl can confirm.

Did you select the editable area like this?

Yes, it should be included in the 2021-07-28 installer.

Yes, it is working very nicely. Makes a considerable difference. Thank you @Sunderlandkyl.

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