GTC Keynote MONAI and Slicer

Congrats to the MONAILabel team for getting a spot in the Nvidia keynote and getting some screen time for Slicer on the big stage :+1: The whole keynote is on youtube, and this link takes you directly to the part about MONAI

There have also been a number of MONAI tutorials and workshops going on this week at GTC.

And for anyone interested, my video about cloud-rendered SlicerVR is now available for streaming.


Congrats for all the team! <3

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If anyone has trouble accessing the GTC link to the SlicerVR+CloudXR video you should be able to access it here: AWS Steve Pieper V1.mp4 on Vimeo


Thanks, Steve - top-quality content that you should not miss to see

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This is great, @pieper :slight_smile:

Really grateful for being part of these communities: Slicer + MONAI Label.

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


Congrats everybody, we made it into the GTC Keynote again :+1: