MONAI events before Project Week

As we’ve done as part of the previous two times we are going to hold a 2-hour workshop on the use of MONAI Label in 3D Slicer the week before Project Week. This will include updates from several people in the NA-MIC community who have been using it in their work and a chance to do hands-on experiments to help you get ready for Project Week activities.

The workshop will be Wednesday, January 25, 2023 (9-11am EST)

More information here including a link to the registration form: MONAI Label Workshop / Tutorial | NA-MIC Project Weeks

In addition, for developers and people who want a deeper dive into MONAI in general, Nvidia is holding two longer MONAI Bootcamp sessions on the 25 and 26 starting just after our MONAI Label workshop: MONAI Bootcamp


Thank you this sound great.
I am new to MONAI and 3dslicer and looking to do work on MRI Brain and CT Brain as a graduate researcher. Can you please suggest some good courses and resources for this please?

I think these two events would be a great place to start. You might want to also watch the videos from the previous workshops (linked from the workshop info page). There are also a lot of videos and other online material linked from the MONAI pages.

Just a reminder - yesterday was the official deadline but if you register today for the workshop that will be held Wednesday, January 25, 2023 (9-11am EST) there is still room for a few more people (96 have registered so far and we should be able to handle at least 110).

More information here including a link to the registration form: MONAI Label Workshop / Tutorial | NA-MIC Project Weeks .


Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Thank you that is great, Im based in Australia so i cant be a part of it live. Is there a recording available?
Also, I wanted to ask, I have Slicer 5.2.1 and I cannot connect to the MONAI server easily. Is there a way I can solve this problem?

We have made a MONAILabel installation document for the last Project Week, which was recently tested and still works. If you have further problems, please add a separate question in the Slicer discourse. And yes, a recording is planned.


A question for the organizers, do you know if a confirmation link is sent? I registered late (after @pieper suggestion) and would like to know if I would able to participate

Thanks a lot

Yes, if you registered you are able to join. Here’s the link

See you soon,

Hi @pieper, I am registered, but zoom is asking me for a passcode to attend the meeting.
Maybe I am missing something?

EDIT: Solved via discord, thanks!

How did you solve it? Can you post the link?

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The workhop recording is available here:

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