HDR Skin Mould Extension

Seems like a release for PerkLab’s SlicerSkinMouldGenerator was never created. Any chance of getting this extension somehow? @lassoan @cpinter

@lassoan @cpinter Can you provide instructions on how to implement the SlicerSkinMouldGenerator extension in Slicer or can it be executed as a python program ?

Here’s how you could add it as an extension:
Use the Extension Wizard module in Slicer to create an empty extension with the desired metadata. Checkout the module repo, copy the module code and documentation to the extension directory, add the module folder to the main CMakeLists.txt, commit the whole thing to a GitHub repository, edit the s4ext file, and contribute it to the ExtensionIndex in form of a pull request. There will be a checklist of what is needed to fully complete the process.

It is a relatively lengthy process, so an alternative is to check out the module repo (linked above), and add it as Additional Module Path in the Application Settings.