Heart diffusion tensor exam


has anyone tried to make tractography out of heart DTI (not DWI) exams? Exam was made with 16 tensors and one direction. What’s worse the DTI include’s just a small part of chest while the ROI of structure sequence is for the whole chest.

I’m not sure anyone’s tried that, at least not recently (I had a heart DWI once in the past).

If you have sample data to share that might help you get some suggestions.

On PubMed, you can find some more papers abut such exams but recently no one is interested in it anymore.
You can download exams here: Heart DTI

It is possible to make such examination (I’ve attached photos), now, how to set the right set of DTI sequences or protocols for GE Optima MR 450w and GE Signa Artist 1,5T and make slicer to visualize it.

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Hi Paweł, thank you for sharing the images. Do you have any database for the atria or is it available online?

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