Trying to do tractography from DICOM DTI

Hello! Recently I found an old disk from the place I used to work with where I saved my own brain MRI (I used to do tractography with FiberTrak in a Philips station for neuroanatomy teaching purposes).
In that disk I have an anatomic T1 and the DTI sequence saved as dicom archives, is it possible to do tractography with them? I have already tried to load the DTI but haven’t managed to load it the correct way.

Sorry to bother you all with my newbie question (and my horrendous english). If this post is against the forum rules, please let me know so I can delete it.

I hope that everyone is having a nice day!

Completely fair question. As you know DTI from dicom can be tricky. First step, it looks like you need to install SlicerDMRI. It will install a plugin that should detect and convert your DWI (assuming the sequence and data format are compatible). From there you can follow the tutorials on the site. Good luck.