Help - "Fill between slices" - function not working properly

Since I am working with the 3D-Slicer there is a problem with the function “fill between slices”. I am marking muscle frames (not the whole muscle, only the frame around) and using the “fill between slices”, so i do not have to mark it in every segment, but the longer i am using the function, the bigger the frames are getting. I think it is related to the number of fillings the function is doing on it´s own, in the beginning it was fine but after round about 50 slices, the frames became bigger and bigger, so the frame is not very useful anymore.

Maybe there is someone who had a similar problem and found a solution to it.

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Operating system: Windows 11
Slicer version: 5.2.2.
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

Can you attach a screenshot that shows what you mean by muscle frames?

Do you press “Apply” in

Getting bigger in what sense? Can you attach a few screenshots?

Thank you for the quick reply!

I was pressing “initialize” and then apply. Maybe about 5-10 times while segmentating the data. In the attachment are the screenshots, I hope it becomes clear what I meant by “muscleframes”.
these enlarged outlines came especially when I marked other structures. I suspect that with each use of the function, the outlines of the muscle have become slightly larger.

3D - before
3D - after
axial - before

I send the last screenshot in an extra post, because as a new member I am only allowed to attach a maximum of three pictures.

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axial - after

The first two images are of the 3D model at an earlier and later stage of the work. The 3rd and 4th images are the corresponding axial sections.

Fill between slices needs to find correspondence between points on different slices, which is very hard if you have thin, hollow structures.

However, you may not need to segment hollow structures. Instead, you can segment the muscle using Fill between slices and then use Hollow effect to get its “frame”.

Thank you very much for your advice, i will try it as you recommended!

Hi, recently we provided new method for filling between slices which works for thigh muscles. you may try and be useful for you.

hello, thank you very much for the feedback, unfortunately the link is not available. Is it an add-on?
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