Help over VisSimTools

Hi community.
I have a question, I try to segment the cervical spine with the VisSimTools / Cervical Spine Tools module.
It works well with the Bc11702 data set of the DataStore module.
But wanting to do it with studies of the TCIA Browser I don’t get results.
I can’t find good documentation to help me get better results.
Some good advice to share.

What is the name of the extension you are using?

If you don’t get relevant answer to your question here for a few days then you may try to directly contact developers of the extension.

that excellent tool.

In the example, it works very well, but with another volume I am unable to finish the algorithm successfully.

The result was really interesting.

I decided to print the example.

But I’m not successful with patients from the clinic, or from TCIA Browser.

Thanks for the time and help.

When i use other vol.


I meet the same problem,have you figured out?