Help with planning a path for biopsy using axial and saggital cuts (mark up a line or cylinder)

Thank you so much for taking this question. I would like to plan a path for insertion of a biopsy probe on axial and sagittal images. I do not need anything in 3D rendering. Is there a simple way to do this? I would like to, for instance, mark something up in the axial and then be able to modify it in sagittal. For instance, with a brain biopsy. Thank you. It would look like a small 3D cylinder when inserted. Thank you.

You can use the Path Explorer module in SlicerIGT extension for this. You specify entry point and target point and create a path from them by clicking “Add path”. To explore multiple paths, you can define multiple entry and target points and add paths for arbitrary combinations of them.

You can then select a path in Visualization section and click on the red, yellow, green buttons to enable reslicing using that plane.

Tips and tricks:

  • you need to enable slice intersections to see where the perpendicular view intersects the path
  • disable reslicing on the plane where you want to adjust the target/entry point on (you can click on a target or entry point to show that position in all slices)

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Thank you very much. If I have a full body MRI, how can I create an ROI that only encompasses the head/brain? Thank you again.

You can crop your volume to a specified region using Crop volume module.