How can i use 3DSlicer in a not local host container to do a brain segmentation of a Photon-Counting CT (totalsegmentor extension)?

I do not know how to install the 3DSlicer in my not localhost container xc. I pretend to use the total segmentor extension in a jupyter notebook of my container. This is for my master thesis about segmentation a PCCT.

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Can you clarify what you are refering to here?

For my thesis project, my advisor has created an online container on his server for me to work on, but I can’t install 3DSlicer xc there (I think it has to be a terminal or script installation).

This sounds like something you’ll need to work out with your advisor. Slicer is a desktop application that needs something like a windows desktop or an X session, ideally with GPU support for most operations. You could research how Slicer is used in docker or on cloud virtual machines to better understand what your options are (there’s a lot of material you can get via a search engine query).