How to resume a segmentation in a 3D volume?

Hi there,
I am trying to segment some 3D volumes using 3D slicer, but sometimes I can not complete the whole segmentation on the same day and I want to save then complete the segmentation after but I do not know how to save the file so that it can be opened after and how to complete the segmentation from where I ended.

I will really appreciate that
Thank you

You can save and then later load your scene, using the buttons in the top right that look like this:


Here’s a description of the file formats for segmentation

Typically when saving you get the option to save out a variety of separate files that each describe a different part of what you’ve done.

I tend to save them all, although you might decide that it’s not worth re-saving the NRRD (.nrrd) file containing the original data to a new location. Obviously you should save the Segmentation.

I then typically reload everything via the MRML Scene file. (That’s one file.) An example is given below.

That file tells Slicer to load all of the associated files, including segmentation.

Optionally you could load individual aspects, rather than everything, by choosing one of the other files that were saved out.


P.S. Note that the MRML Scene file is different from the “scene views” that can be captured, and which tend to get saved out as separate .png image files.

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