How to analysis fmri data?

Operating system:windows 10 enterprise
Slicer version:4.8
Expected behavior: analaysis fMRI datas
Actual behavior:
I got the fMRI datas from the GE 3.0T MR, I want to analysis the datas. But I dont kown how to do, and which extensions should I install, thanks very much!

What analysis would you like to do?

Thanks a lot, I want to rescontruct the speech function areas with different colors. I don’t know how to operat.

I’m not aware of any fMRI analysis tools currently available in Slicer. I would suggest looking at SPM, AFNI, nilearn, or one of the many other tools. (results could be visualized in Slicer, of course)

Thank you! May I ask that which one of them is open source or free?

All of the ones I mentioned are open source under various licenses.

Thanks …