How to apply the automatic volume rendering preset "US-Fetal" on 3D visualizations after segmentation?

Hi everyone,

I hope my question hasn’t already been asked but I haven’t found a solution.

I’m currently working on µCT-scans and I’m using the 3D visualization to make illustrations from screenshots. Sometimes there are parasitic elements that I would like to remove, as it is the case on the picture I am attaching where I would like to remove the elements on the top right (they partially obscure the skull in dorsal view). I know that I could easily remove them by making a segmentation, with the scissors tool for example. But when I do that I lose the original coloration of my skull and I can’t find it again, which is a problem for the aesthetics of the illustrations I want to make. From what I understand, the coloration of my 3D object is determined by an automatic volume rendering preset called “US-Fetal”, I like this one and I already used it for many illustrations so I would like to keep it.

My question is: how can I apply this automatic coloring/preset to my segments after removing the artifacts?

Or how to remove the unwanted objects directly without going through segmentation?

Thank you very much for your help, as you can see I am a beginner with 3D Slicer.

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Hi - you can use the MaskVolume effect as described here to make a copy of the volume data with the segmented portions blanked out. Then you used the masked version in the volume rendering.

Hi, thank you so much for your answer! I’ll try it, it seems to be exactly what I’m looking for.