How to call the "Islands" function of the Segment Editor from a python script with "Keep selected island"


I am developing an semiautomated script for CT lung masking.
After thresholding and cutting out segments of the trachea and left main bronchus (works), I normally use the “Islands” function of the Segment Editor next with the parameter “Keep selected island”.

However, something like this

    effect = segmentEditorWidget.activeEffect()

does not work from my script.
How can I pass coordinates / selected slice view / mouse click ?
Would be glad if someone had an idea or a code snippet.

Thanks, best regards

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Found the solution myself.


Thanks for sharing. You could make your code simpler and more robust by slightly changing the Islands effect so that it can take a 3D coordinate directly (not just an interaction event that you need to simulate via the GUI). The effect is a simple Python script, which you can freely modify locally (you could inject the 3D coordinate here). If the modification works well for you then you can send us a pull request so that we can integrate that change into Slicer core.

@rbumm 我想知道这个代码只是在一个slice上选点,可是这个slice如何确定呢…我想说的是三维空间的第三个点怎么确定呢?

I want to know that this code just selects a point on a slice, but how to determine this slice…What I want to konw is how to determine the third point in the three-dimensional space?

@lassoan 没有更简洁的方法,直接输入the 3D coordinate来获取island?

There is no more concise way that inject the 3D coordinate to get the island…e.g. effiect.setparameter()