How to change the orientation of a 3d image and keep it in the scene

I have several MRI and CBCT images with different dental implants. I want to measure line-distances and therefor I need the orientation of the x,y and z axis to be aligned with the implant. I want to adjust the orientation for all the images and save this scene to share with my colleague for both of us to have the same orientation when evaluating the images. I’ll add a picture of what I have in mind. Unfortunately, when I save and close the scene and reopen it the orientation is wrong again, like it didn’t save my alterations. I also tried it like it is shown in this video: Tutorial: Re-orientation of 3D volumes in 3DSlicer by Dr Jeremy Shaw - YouTube , but it took a long time to load and I feel like re-calculation the whole matrix is a bit excessive for my wanted use. Maybe anyone has another way or idea how to save an adjusted orientation? Thank you so much!!