How to edit segmentations in total segmentator

Used total segmentor for one case and there was an incorrect segmentation done where it has a gap in a structure I am intersted in. Is there an easy was to correct and edit the segmentation that is not accurate? every other segmentation looks good but hoping there is an easy way to clean up and fix the areas that dont look correct.

Still could use some help on this

You should be able to use Segment Editor in Slicer to manually edit the incorrect sections.

I don’t think there is an easier way to fix than that.

that is what i assumed and tried however it would not allow these segments to be added in a 3d space and rather would appear as segmentations with no depth

Please share a screenshot of the problem or a link to the offending data.

there is a cap in the given area I was segmenting using total segmentator extension, to fix this i used the draw and fill grow from seeds function however when doing so it only creates the image you see. hopefully this help clarify the issue I have.