How to find Pixel Size/ Voxel Depth on 3D slicer?

I was hoping someone can help me find the CT scans parameters. Specifically, I know that this CT scan has an acquisition matrix of 512 x 512 pixels. However, how do I find the pixel size and voxel depth of this CT scan?

What do you mean by pixel size and voxel depth? If I understand correctly, you are looking for values that are displayed in the Image Spacing field: (0.46875,0.46875,0.5). You might find SimpleITK’s Fundamental Concepts page as well as 3D Slicer’s coordinate systems wiki page helpful with regards to pixel spacing.

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Bit depth for original (not-postprocessed) CT images is almost always 16 bits. This is true for this image, too, since scalar type is short, which means “short integer” = 16 bits.