Slice Thickness for multi-frame ultrasound


I am just new to 3D slicer and I wanted to ask one question. I have a set of raw ultrasound data (cineloop) and I have the pixel spacing information (0.03x0.03) and not slice thickness for volumetric reconstruction. It seems the voxels are not isotropic, so when I reconstruct the volume the sagittal view is prefect (with pixel spacing of (0.03x0.03.0x0.03)) but the axial and coronal plane looks not correct (compressed, thin).

I wanted to ask, how I can compute the slice thickness (z-axis) if I have only pixel-spacing info for x and y axes?

Thank you,

Was the image series acquired by sliding the transducer on the patient’s body?

Was a position tracker used to record accurate pose of the transducer for each image slice?

Hi Lasso,

The ultrasound images acquired using side-fire probe! these are micro-ultrasound images similar to transrectal ultrasound after inserting the probe into rectum to capture prostate gland images.

The pose information is not there, since we had only processed RF data.

Which imaging system is this? A commercial device or a custom-built research tool?

Was the probe rotated or translated during acquisition? Was it moved by a motor or just freehand?

Is the image position patient and image orientation patient tags are set correctly for each frame?