How to import ultrasound images from Samsung accuvix


Do you have an email address where I can send some questions? It keeps getting stuck with me :slight_smile:
Thank you very much in advance !!

Greetings Sofie from Belgium

Perhaps you can also ask some questions via this route. 

Which file is best to work with to convert it to an STL? my colleague has a samsung accuvix.
She saves the files via cartesian but the problem is that I cannot open these files? Is there a program for this that I can download?
in the slicer I can only open photos and no mvl files? What could be the cause of this? Thank you very much for your time!
mvg Sofie

This topic may help: Samsung SonoAce 4D ultrasound mvl file loading

If you can share example (anonymized or non-patient) images then we can tell you what is doable with the images that you have.

Ok thanks!

I will definitely see if it works like this. 

It’s an mvl file but I can’t get it uploaded here?
She also forwarded these files, I don’t know if you like this?
Can you also advise me a program to open these files on my pc? I keep getting an error message. (with an mvl. file)
thank you for your time!
Happy holidays in advance
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I can’t find such beautiful images as you in the files? I follow all the steps you take in your video but only get this? Am I doing something wrong? or should I keep looking? :slight_smile: thank you for your time slicer

You need to slightly increase/decrease the X, Y, Z dimensions until the rows line up.