How to label segmented organs?


(Mojtaba) #1

I want to calculate a dose absorption for some organs from PET and CT images. for this goal, I need to label segimented organs. which module can help me?
thank you.

(Andras Lasso) #2

You can segment (a.k.a. label, contour) images using Segment Editor module.

(Mojtaba) #3

hi again
I require to produce a dat file for assessing dose by GATE. an example of dat file:
1 1 kidney
2 2 spleen
I require to assess dose in these organs. in addition of dat file, GATE needs images.
I don’t know how to produce this interfile.
can you any guidance to me?
Thank you.

(Alex Vergara) #4

Gate can use MetaImages (mhd) images as long as they are uncompressed. you can save youir images in that way