How to measure the mandibular condyle morphological changes between two time different points CT?

Hi 3D Slicer users,
I am currently conducting a research to measure the mandibular condyle morphological changes between two time-different points CT:
I tried to use SPHARM-PDM to achieve this goal but it is not working as immediately “terminated with error” message appeared!
So, is there any other module in the program that can be used to measure this?
If any one used SPHARM before please to share his/her experience

Hi @wael_telha

Listed below direct link to the SlicerSALT tutorial (modules 1 to 4):

These were helpful when dealing with SHARPM-PDM pipelines, and SlicetSALT in general.

All the best.

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thanks a million . i appreciate your help and support

You are welcome @wael_telha

Dear Sultan ,
Once again I need your help regarding the method to quantification of the changes using a color map
I am using Slicer 4.11

Dear @wael_telha ,
Sorry for the late response - for some reason I did not get any notification regarding your message.

Normally - we do the following:

  1. Establish correspondence-between the models (of all groups), then
  2. Generate a mean for each group (using principal-component analysis module), then
  3. Compare the means of each group (with the same color map) - through the model-to-model distance module.

I am always happy to share my knowledge regarding this.
Please specify the issue you are facing, and the aim.

Try to use the latest release of SlicerSALT 4.0.1