How to Open "color bar"

Operating system:window10 Enterprise
Slicer version:4.8.1
Expected behavior: Open “color bar”
Actual behavior:No Open by default "Open “color bar” function

Dear community experts,

I just recently used 3D slicer and have some simple questions to ask

I want to enable the color bar on the 3D slicer, as shown in Figure 1, there is a color bar showing the size of the color corresponding to the value of YValue.

picture 1

I saw some instructions on “color legend” from the manual

But follow the action if you see the “show color legend” option.

What’s the reason? Looking forward to an answer.

your sincerely,

Dear community experts,

I’ve found the answer to the previous question.
I recommend updating from version 4.13 onwards. This will make it easier to find the “color legend”


Follow the instructions in the image to start the color legend.I hope my answers will help more people.

your sincerely,