How to open Telemed Ultrasound images with .vol format

I have a telemed system that its output is .vol and i need to convert these images.
when i drag and drop my file and click Ok to loading nothing happens.
if somebody had this problem i would be thankful if help me to solve it.

I have uploaded an example of our 3D imagesRegards

Unfortunately, this .vol file contains data compressed with an unknown algorithm. Can you save data as DICOM or some other format or get specification of the file format from the manufacturer?

hello dear Lassoan
unfortunately we can save just with this format… do you know about converter for example .vol to DICOME?

I think only Telemed can help you to convert your existing 3D files.

If attaching an external tracker (such as a webcam that track 2D barcodes that you print and attach to the probe) is acceptable then you can use Plus toolkit ( and SlicerIGT extension to show live images in Slicer and reconstruct 3D ultrasound volumes from freehand sweeps. See more information at

We tied fcal but we have problem with transfer calibration in slicer, any way i really need 3d ultrasound of liver…Do you have some sample size?
I have some 3d ultrasound data (not liver) of GE system…but i couldn’t open them too…would you please help me?This is on of this images: