How to test my own data in TotalSegmentator

After installed the TotalSegmentator extensions successfully, the example dataset was good.
But when using the WH-2019 dataset(Multi-Modality Whole Heart Segmentation Challenge), one of the test ct data,
the result is like this:

seemed not as the CTA example dataset in Slicer.
Here, what about the common CT data loaded in Slicer, how to set the parameters in order to get the correct results?

Nobody care this ? :stuck_out_tongue:

As far i know totalsegmentator use nn-UNET. You can use this network on pyhton for testing your own data
GitHub - MIC-DKFZ/nnUNet is the github repo for this network .

Are all of the test data giving you a problem? Or just this single one from a bigger dataset?
If it is just this only series you may want to find out the reason in what way these data are different. You could start in the Volume module under “Advanced” and compare.