Import segmentation nodes seperately

I want to import several segmented models into slicer to do segment registration. I tried doing that, but instead of separate models, it shows a heavily overlapped single model. Could you please advise.

How do you import the models exactly? Can you attach a screenshot?

Thanks Prof Lasso. @lassoan
Screenshot attached.
I have segmented bones separately. if they are from the same frame/time point, they show up on proper positions according to their coordinates.
How I add- from data I open file and select my segmentation.
But when I add the same bone from two time points, in a dynamic study, say frame 1 and frame 5 they show me an overlapped view. (The bone positions only change few degrees 5-10 in rotation) so its like two 3 D models overlapped on one another with slight mismatch.
What I want to do is, separately load segmented bone from various time points and do segment registration.

Could you kindly advise, please



It is fine if they appear overlapped. You can go to Data module and show/hide them to see only what you are interested in. If you want to show an animated view, you can create a sequence using Sequences extension.

When you do segment registration, you can select two segments from any of the already loaded segmentations.

Thank you Prof Lasso @lassoan