Improve Markup Rendering Speed (convert to spherical surface?)

I have a bunch of RAS space coordinates (~1000) that I want to render on top of an MRI, atlas, and surfaces from 3D segmentation. I can make them into an .fcsv and import them into Markups, and they show up appropriately, but it’s extremely slow to do anything (sometimes it will hang for minutes if I pan the image).

How could I do this in a way that’s less computationally intensive? I’m thinking if I just had the marker spheres as voxel data, it would render fine, is there a built in way to “export” the markup glyphs as voxels or surfaces?

Do you use the latest Slicer Stable Release? Rendering of markups with many points may be slower in earlier versions.

You can further speed up rendering by:

  • hiding point labels: Markups module → Display → Advanced → Control Point Labels → uncheck)
  • locking the control points (disable interaction): Markups module → Control Points → Interaction → click the first icon so it appears as a closed lock