Improving resolution of icons and various images in Slicer

With Slicer 4.10.0 and the transition to Qt5, there is greatly improved scaling of widgets for higher DPI monitors (I know a user with a 4K monitor), however various icons in those scaled widgets now appear blurry. Icons that are primarily rectangular shapes scale well, but anything that has curves or is angled now looks blurry. A likely issue is the usage of the png format for the icons which doesn’t scale well.

It appears that icons such as the markups place fiducial png or any of the other icons in the toolbar such as segment editor png are pngs that are 21x21px in size. Even the 3D Slicer logo at the heading above all modules in the left side bar area appears blurry.

The slice offset text in the slice windows also appears smaller relative to the space it occupies in the colored header of the individual slice window.

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Thanks for the feedback.

To illustrate, would you be able to share a screenshot ?


I don’t know about the rest, but at least for the Slicer logo there is a variety of versions. Check out the following page.


Here’s a 1080p screenshot and a 2160p(4K) screenshot. I guess you’ll have to really view them in their native screen size since viewing the 4K in fullscreen mode on a 1080p screen will just scale it back down and then look normal. It’s not unusable, but something I clearly noticed when viewing it on a 4K screen. Or maybe it is just poor Windows scaling… I feel like you would just need to see on 4K in person using a Windows machine
1080p Slicer_4K