In NRDD file format, CBCT scan of any skull

I want a clean cbct scan of a skull to do segmentation on it and find out more about the 3dslicer (I am beginner).

Where can I find it?

Did you check the sample CBCT scan that comes with Slicer?


I’ve checked. I think, if I’m not mistaken, the patient uses braces.

I’ll try to extract the model from the 3d printer. And then I’ll take measurements. It would be nice if there was a patient who didn’t use wires.

Thanks in advance

To learn the Watershed algorithms, I will use this model. For a beginner like me, I would like to work on a non-distorted full lower jaw or a toothless lower jaw model for an implant.

You can also use the CBCT-MR Head data set. It has a simple, nice-quality CBCT and corresponding MRI.