Searching for online CBCT scans

Dear all,

I am looking for some online CBCT scan datasets for my project. Mainly, I am interested in datasets of human jaws including teeth and jawbones. Could you please let me know if there are any available datasets that I can use in my research?


I can give you my own, which is a start. I am not aware of an online repository, but @bpaniagua might be.


@dzenanz This is a very nice quality CBCT. Would you like to contribute it to the Slicer sample data sets?

Thanks, I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

You can check

Yes, how do I do that? If you can add it, you have my permission to do so.

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Great, thanks, I’ll add it.

This is not in the latest nightly’s Sample Data module. Did you add it, and where?

Haven’t got around to adding it yet.

There is also an accompanying MRI taken a few weeks after the CBCT. The pair is probably more interesting then CBCT alone.

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I also manually created a rigid transform to register them:

#Insight Transform File V1.0
#Transform 0
Transform: AffineTransform_double_3_3
Parameters: 0.9940781967960048 -0.09133167899340905 0.05888177194215917 0.09694405147534274 0.9901711118493441 -0.10081180557146947 -0.04909571812642784 0.10592305542835587 0.9931615763763577 -3.10842487001195 55.49648178586631 5.639941288765998
FixedParameters: 0 0 0
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@dzenanz Thanks for shating the additional image and transform. The data set is now added to Sample Data module as “CBCT-MR Head”:

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I downloaded the latest nightly, and I didn’t notice it at first. I found it by looking at your screenshot. The reason: thumbnail is missing from it.

Am I the only one with this symptom?

Edit: the data is downloaded properly once the button is clicked.

Thank you, I’ve fixed the thumbnail now.

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