In version 4.13 ,the script doesn't work

version 4.13 0215
win 10
Problem as is shown in the picture
and I can’t find the module SlicerElastix in the new version extention manager

vtkMRMLDIsplayNode1, vtkMRMLDIsplayNode2, vtkMRMLDIsplayNode3 were never guaranteed to correspond to slice display nodes. They happened to get those node IDs in a range of Slicer versions, but not in older and very recent Slicer versions.

You can access slice display nodes via slice logic object, for example as it is shown in this example.

Thank you for reporting the missing SlicerElastix extension. It is because of the recent update of ITK library. We expect to resolve the problem soon. Until then you can use a Slicer version from 2 weeks ago that you can download using this link:

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