Issues of Extensions-Sandbox and VMTK

Hi, I am a doctoral student.
I am working on the 4D reconstruction of animal cardiac CT now. I am having several issues when I installed the extensions.
Windows 10 Professional version.

  1. VMTK extension is unavailable on Slicer 4.13.0. 2022-05-25
  2. Sandbox extension is unavailable on Slicer 4.11.20210226
    Could please help me to figure them out? Or there are issues with these extensions which are under being improved?
    Furthermore, does anybody know how to crop the 4D volume from 4d cardiac CT? When I cropped the volume from a 4d cardiac CT, the results were like a screenshot from each frame of the 4D sequence, it was a 3D volume, not a dynamic 4d volume.
    Thanks a lot and best wishes.

I suppose you mean 2022-02-25.

SlicerVMTK does not build currently with recently updated VTK used by Slicer. It can be fixed in different ways, pending advice on which way to follow. I hope it gets back online soon.