VMTK library is not found and extensions are imcompatibe with slicer (MAC and Win, 4.13.0 built 2021-08-11 )

Hi everyone. Yesterday I downloaded Slicer 4.13.0 2021-08-11 in Mac and Windows, but there are some issues regarding the extensions ( incompatible with slicer) , VMTK library is not found when I used the " ExtractCenterline". Does anybody know how to address the issues?

Thanks in advance.

That was an issue with yesterday’s Slicer version. Try again with today’s version.

See the following for more details

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There is also an independent issue (caused by switching to VTK9) with VMTK packaging, only on macOS:

@jcfr may be able to fix it by the end of this week, but if not then he said he would be able to get back to it in a few weeks.