Include itk remote modules in Slicer build

I successfully built Slicer from source (4.7) for the first time and I would like to include some remote itk modules. I see them in the …\ITKv4\Modules\Remote directory, but how do I incorporate them into my build? Is there a CMake option I can use? I have tried “SLICER_BUILD_” and “MODULE_” as Bool ON options and that doesn’t work (in fact they break my Slicer build). I’d appreciate anyone who could point me in the right direction for this question.

Thank you

Hi @emckenzi123,

There are currently no way to enable ITK options without having to explicitly editing SuperBuild/External_ITKv4.cmake.

An alternative approach could be to create a Slicer extension bundling the remote mode.

For example, see

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