Integrate deep learning module medical segment into a 3D slicer

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I’m looking to integrate deep learning deep learning into a 3D slicer.
I found a similar post about brain segmentation (GitHub - fepegar/SlicerParcellation: 3D Slicer modules for brain segmentation using deep learning.). but t install according to the instructions, the 3D slicer gives an error.
Hope everybody help please.

There should be messages in the python console telling why it didn’t load. It would be great if you could debug the module and contribute fixes. @Fernando may have additional suggestions.

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I look forward to everyone’s help to solve this problem.
I followed the instructions on the github code link. But I don’t know if I’ve done enough.

  • I have downloaded torchIO and pytorch on 3D slicer extension.
  • I have downloaded and unzipped the github code.
    I then linked the code to the 3D slicer via Edit/application setting/modules/ Additional modules path. and I passed the entire link code in there.

When I click on BrainParcellation, there is no message and nothing happens.

when I read the author’s code I see that the UNet network downloads are all open source and library. So I don’t know if doing it on my computer will need to fix or change this code.
Thank you.

Thanks for the ping, Steve.

Hi, @Thu_n_Chu_th. Could you please share which version of Slicer you’re using and whether you see any messages in the Python console, as @pieper suggested?