Interpreting the movement right?

(Olof Lindberg) #1

Dear Martin and Beatriz,

trying to understand the movement of the hippocampus in this clinical group (compared to control) thus statistical map and diff mesh vector above.
My interpretation is that apart from atrophy is the hippocampus more straight in the clinical group

Do you agree with this interpretation? Best Olof

(Martin Styner) #2

Hi Olof. I would interpret these visualized changes as a largely general atrophy that takes place all over the hippocampus, a bit more pronounced on lateral body and in the head. Basically all of CA1 seems to be significantly affected, possibly also parts of CA2, but CA3 seems less so. Martin

(Beatriz Paniagua) #3

I agree with Martin. Is there a possibility of neighboring structures also pushing the hippocampi a bit?

(Olof Lindberg) #4

OK, great! Yes I agree with Beatriz it is most likely so that HC is moved … although I think that the neurodegenerative process is causing this rahter by the absence of neighboring structures … rather than by the presence of another structure.