Is it possible to calculate airway length and number of airway tree generation with the help of slicer

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Have a look at

thanks for reply. But can you pl tell me how to use and find airway length, no. of branches and centerline of segmented 3D airways.

hello sir,
i downloaded the 3D slicer version 4.8.1 which has CIP and airway inspector. is it same as COPD module? moreover i was following tutorial video given in for airway inspector but after selecting airways using ‘a’, i can’t find save as option in file and can i use ‘analyze tool’ to see whole airway which i detected, pl guide.
thanks you

@raul may be able to provide more guidance here. The slides you linked to describe an older version of Slicer (version 2 from many years ago) but the provided virtual machine images might still work.

sir, how to locate centreline of airways in lung CT volume, pl guide. thanks

pl tell me sir how to find airway length, no. of branches and centreline using slicer. is there any tutorial for this?

sir, can u help me by telling me how to add to segmented results to compare showing different colors like the one in picture attached. i tried adding two volumes module but it shows just one color result.

Are these “volumes” segmentations? You can check by hovering it in the Data module, it will tell you in the tooltip.
(Or if you used Segment Editor, then we know it’s a segmentation, and in that case use the Logical operators effect)

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hello sir,
i have two segmented results of airways which i did using some algorithms, one preliminary and one advance and i want to compare them like the way shown in picture enclosed to show the difference. kindly help

yes these are volume segmented results

Hi, I am also stuck with the similar issue. How do I add two segmented results?

Even Anita has slightly different results… mine got sliced far more differently.

I need to know the answer to this question to give a proper answer.

Please let me know what the tooltip says or send a screenshot from what the Data module shows

yes sir, these are 3D segmented outputs. i don’t know what tooltip means but attaching a screen shot

hello sir,
pl tell the way to show two separate 3D segmented output as one but showing the different in two

please tell me the solution sir. both are segmented 3D results which i found out using two algorithms

I don’t think CIP can automatically compute airway length. I don’t know what you mean by “number of airway tree” (there is one tree).

VMTK (vascular modeling toolkit) extension can compute centerline and endpoints of arterial trees, which could be usable for airways, too.

If these automatic methods fail and you don’t have time or expertise to fix them then you can do the work manually: use markups module to define centerlines, measure curve length, and count number of branches.

thanks a lot, will try. i mean how to find number of airway branches detected and not tree, sorry

sir can you tell me how to find slice thickness and transversal resolution in lung volume CT data?

You can find slice thickness in Volumes module, Volume Information section, Image spacing. Slice spacing is usually the third value.