Is it possible to calculate airway length and number of airway tree generation with the help of slicer

thank you sooooo much

Hi Anitakh,

How did you segment the airways you show in this image? I am having difficulty segmenting below the trache and main bronchus. To segment the smaller airways is quite challenging.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

you can do it by region growing technique or follow the method given in a paper by Deniz Akykac et al IEEE transaction 2003. you can follow other methods given in different methods.


I am having the same problem.
There are several questions.
Could you describe a bit more in detail how you segment the smaller airways ?
How do you use the region growing technique ?
Do you start with the airway segmentation of the chest imaging suite ?

Where can I find information about the Akykac method ?

Thank you very much.

sir, is it possible to put different points of different colors on airway segmented tree. this will help to know total branches in each generation.! i am showing sample in picmarking_branches|547x500

You can place markups fiducial points. In each markups node you can specify two colors (selected and non-selected). If you need more colors then you can create more markups nodes (or write a script that observes point positions and places a differently colored sphere at each point position).