Is it possible to create an access that contains the modules that we use the most?

Good morning, it would be possible to create a box, in which the modules that we regularly use could be stored.

This feature is already in Slicer. Part of the toolbar is dedicated to the favorite modules, and it can be changed in Application settings, see

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Thanks @cpinter!

@Romeo_Guevara this is described in Slicer documentation (here). It would be great if you could help us with advice of how we could make this information (or in general the Slicer documentation) more clear or more discoverable. We are happy to answer questions here at the forum, too, just wondering how we could make the time invested into documentation writing pay off better. Did you try to google for the question? What keywords did you use? How many hits did you check? I’ve tried “slicer frequently used modules” on google and the relevant documentation page was the 8th hit, which is not great. If I search for “slicer favorite modules” then the first hit is the correct page but of course we cannot expect users to guess the specific term that Slicer uses.