Is it possible to perform this kind of slicing (attached below) for 3D data generated from multiple slices?

I am creating a 3D dataset from multiple slices I obtained from measurement. The generated 3D dataset has a shape similar to a ball.

I was able to slice the dataset and see the inside in X and Y direction.

My question is, is it possible to perform this kind of slicing as shown by image below?
If it is possible could anyone please share any reference I can refer to?

Because I would like to put the final result for demonstration purpose.

Thank you.

Yes, this is supported, see example here:

Thank you for your kind answer, Mr. Lassoan.
It is exactly what I would love to do.

However, when I clicked the apply button, I got a dark area inside the clipping box (which I thought that the area inside the box should be removed, as I attached here). Did I perhaps not do it correctly?

For your information, my input slices are RGB JPG images, because normally I would like to show the final result in color.

Thank you.

Crop volume module was not used in the example above. You can follow these steps instead’

  • create a segment that defines the region within you want to show the structures, such as the skin, brain, or bone surface; in the example above the skin surface was segmented (Segment Editor module)
  • show intersecting slices
    • use the segment to blank out the volume outside that region (Segment Editor module, Mask volume effect)
    • show the blanked out volume in slice views using thresholding (Volumes module)
  • show clipped outer surface:
    • export the segment to a model (Data module, right-click on the segment)
    • enable slice clipping for that model (Models module)

Let us know if you need help with any of the steps.