Is there an extension in 3D Slicer for breast cancer?

Hello everyone,

I’m curious to know if there is an extension in 3D Slicer specifically designed for breast cancer analysis or related tasks. I would greatly appreciate any information or recommendations regarding this matter.

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Mohamed Abdellahi Sidi Mohamed Blal

Hi, I don’t think there is a comprehensive extension for breast cancer analysis. But there might be modules for e.g. ultrasound segmentation, or MRI segmentation that may be helpful when working with breast cancer images. 3D Slicer is also a good platform for image-guided interventions and surgical navigation. These features are used in breast cancer treatment research.

Thank you for your help!

Maybe you can get started with those?

There are extensions also for follow-up, such as breast implant analysis and modules for breast volume measurement.

PerplexityAI output was interesting (Breast_DCEMRI_FTV extension did not come to my mind), but it also provided some bogus information: the it is worth noting that managing large files and running image pre-processing needed for analysis can take days on a dedicated computer, so cloud-based computing may be a more efficient option comment makes no sense, as clinical images of the breast are typically not large and the modules we have been talking about all provide results in seconds on a simple desktop computer.