Label layer annotations cannot be hidden

Hi all,

When I uncheck the Bottom Left checkbox in the Data Probe module, only annotations for background and foreground layers are hidden, but the one for the label layer stays.

There must be something wrong in Modules/Scripted/DataProbe/DataProbeLib/, but I haven’t been able to spot it.

I’ve tried getting the widget and doing widget.sliceView().cornerAnnotation().SetText(0, '') with no luck.

Hi Fernando -

It looks like if self.bottomLeft: needs to be added before the block at line 631. Let me know if that fixes it for you and I can make the change.

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Hi Steve :wave:

Thanks for your answer, that worked.

You’ll need another if self.bottomLeft: for Case I, it doesn’t work either.

I have submitted a PR:

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Great! I"m just rebuilding now for a quick test and will commit.