Load Dicom Data Error

I am trying to load several different Dicom data sets and getting the error shown in the image. Sometimes, the data seems to load anyway and I can continue. But othertimes I get image shown. I am using the nightly build from 9/30/2017 on a windows 10 machine.



Thanks for any help!

Hi Rachel -

Looks like that is an issue in the MultiVolume plugin. On thing to try as a workaround is going into Advanced mode in the DICOM browser (checkbox on lower right) and then unchecking that plugin from the list on the left.



The issue is due to slicer.dicomDatabase.fileValue(file,self.tags[frameTag]) returning __TAG_NOT_IN_INSTANCE__ value instead of empty value (when a file is not found on disk).

@pieper @fedorov - do you know why this may be happening now?

Pull request with the fix is submitted: https://github.com/fedorov/MultiVolumeImporter/pull/23

Yes, @fedorov pointed this out the other day and there’s a fix to the database here:

@lassoan I experienced the same issue in a different context with a different plugin. The issue is not in MultiVolumeImporter plugin, but in the DICOM database code due to that inconsistent return value. But why that is happening, I don’t know. I hope it goes away once the PR above is merged, but let me know if you still want to merge https://github.com/fedorov/MultiVolumeImporter/pull/23 - it should be harmless.