Load OpenInventor (.iv) VRML 1.0 bone files in 3D Slicer

Hi all,

I am very new to Slicer so please excuse me for my ignorance. I am currently trying to understand how I can take an .iv file that represents a bone and output this onto slicer. Would love any help I can get. thank you in advance

What software did you use to create these .iv file?

Can you share an example?
(upload to dropbox/OneDrive and post the link here; make sure it does not contain patient information)

Thank you for your quick response. To be honest, I don’t know what software was used to create these .iv files as I am new to the lab and was just instructed to accomplish this. Attached below is a Google Drive link to an example of one of these files. Essentially just a bunch of 3D coordinate points that represent triangles and then points to distinguish how they are connected. I am able to run this in Matlab by simply calling on a built-in function after parsing through the data and was wondering if there is some slicer equivalent.

Link: 14819_cap_R.iv - Google Drive

Sorry to be a bother, but any thoughts? I can’t seem to find any prior discussion post about this subject matter nor any documentation. Closest I have gotten is finding scripts that output PLY or STL files.

I haven’t worked with OpenInventor in a long time. As I recall the format is very free-form so probably no universal reader. You could start with OpenInventor code and maybe you can load using a demo program and save the parts you want in another format. Or you could try Mevislab, which is based on OpenInventor and has a free trial version with many options.

I had a look at the file and it is indeed an OpenInventor file, which stores a single triangle mesh in VRML 1.0 file format. I could not find any open-source file reader for it, so I’ve implemented a very simple reader and added to the Sandbox extension.

All you need to do is to install the Sandbox extension tomorrow or later into Slicer-5.2 (or later). You can then load your .iv files as usual: drag-and-drop to the application window or use “Add data” window.

Wow, Andras! thank you so much for making this reader for me! I have a follow-up question and was wondering if you could give me some guidance. The main part of my question is how can I access and manipulate the polyData after it is displayed. I want to be able to create a module that has a GUI with sliders that allow the user to transform the bones based on some transformation data we have.

I believe the answer to my question requires an understanding of high-level slicer architecture. I have tried to look into the various tutorials (videos and powerpoints) that discuss slicer architecture; however, I feel lost as I am a fresh novice to slicer. Any thoughts as to how I should approach this specific problem and become more confident creating a slicer module?

Thank you in advance for all your help thus far and continued support.

I’m glad it all works for you now. Please post a new question about the model transformation. Describe why/how you want to transform (e.g., do you want to align models, align model with an image, …).