Loading mrml files fails and stalls

Loading an MRML file (by dragging and dropping) stalls. The progress bar will reach a specific number (e…g, 99%) and won’t load. Then usually Slicer will crash. I have on the order of 10s to couple hundred objects that are included in this load (e.g., markups, segmentations, columns, transforms).
It loads fine if I separately load all the objects (not using the scene, but using drag and drop
What might cause this?

There could be some other information in the scene file that leads to an error condition or slow loading / memory use. You could look in the error log for any clues. If you can reproduce the issue on public data or can share a scene that replicates the issue then someone could have a look.

Thanks, I ended up loading the individual objects and recreating the scene. If it happens again I’ll dig into it more

Recent Slicer Preview Releases do thorough error checking and reporting during loading, so next time you run into an issue you may get more information by using a new Slicer version.