Locator shape of a transform

I’m using the OpenIGTlink extension to acquire a transform from a server in real time.
In some picture I saw that the locator has a lite blu needle shape, but in my case it appears to me as a cube with 9 points, 8 on the edges and one in the centre that correspond to the position sent by the server.
How can i change the shape of the locator into the lite blu needle one?

Sorry, maybe i was not completely clear.
I want to change the way that the locator is visualized. Actually when i send a transform in real-time, this is tracked by a locator model that appears to me as a cube.
I would prefer another model for the locator, not the cubic one. There is a way to change it? Becuase i’m searching since one week but i found nothing.
Thanks to who will reply.

SlicerIGT tutorials explain in great detail how you can display tracked tools in Slicer. Tutorials also explain calibration of different tool types, usage of references, how to register patient/phantom images to the tracker’s coordinate system, etc.

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Thank you so much, I had already saw that tutorials, but I missed the good one.

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