Transform model / segments

i would love to able to do segments models transform in similar way to the way I can do it in meshmexer software . the wat the do it is ti creat a pivot / centre point where you can drag and rotation your models .

the transform module in slicer3d is not intuitive and doesn’t allow the movement i wish to achieve .


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A similar functionality exists:

Right-click on the grid icon of the model object in the Data module and choose Create New Transform
Right-click on the same spot, and choose Interaction in 3D view.

Now you can rotate your model around around using the handlebars of the white bounding box.

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thanks, I was not aware of it.

is it possible to show handles for movement? the dots for movements are pretty small and not easy to play with

Not sure why the Transform module does not use the nice transformation widgets that Markups functionality uses. It would be nice to be consistent.
@lassoan ?

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please add that feature @lassoan @muratmaga @pieper

Additionally, a collision detector would be an amazing feature to work with .

that would put slicer3d on a new level of usability