Look for suggestions - how to get IBSI-compliant version of pyradiomics

Dear All,

One comment from reviewer for my radiomic paper is: “According to their documentation, the fixed bin width method implemented in pyradiomics is not compliant with the IBSI reference standard. This has been found to lead to issues regarding robustness [2] (2. Wright DE, Cook C, Klug J, Korfiatis P, Kline TL. Reproducibility in medical image radiomic studies: contribution of dynamic histogram binning. arXiv [eess.IV]. 2022. doi:10.48550/arXiv.2211.05241 - attached in email). Please use an IBSI-compliant version of pyradiomics or a different software.”

The document in Pyradiomics is: Frequently Asked Questions — pyradiomics v3.1.0rc2.post5+g6a761c4 documentation

So how could I look for IBSI-compliant version of pyradiomics?

I don’t think there is one, but you could ask here: GitHub - AIM-Harvard/pyradiomics: Open-source python package for the extraction of Radiomics features from 2D and 3D images and binary masks. Support: https://discourse.slicer.org/c/community/radiomics