Looking For Defective\glitched 3d Prints For Art Project


Does anyone have any defective 3D prints?

I’m interested in all kind of models that failed during the printing process, and I’m interested in already printed models, not in digital 3D models designed following some kind of glitch aesthetic. Hopefully some of you will be able to help with this!

To give you a general sense of what I’m thinking and what I like you can have a look at these glitched prints: http://emiliovavarella.com/failed-prints/

Feel free to send pics and contact me with any questions, and then we can talk more about details.
My email is hello@emiliovavarella.com


@Emilio_Vavarella Thanks for reaching out. These are neat pictures.

@thewtex @arankin With you experience in 3D prints, I wonder if you have anything to contribute.

Here is an example from Emilio website:

Thank you @jcfr
I really hope that some of you in the 3D printing world have a few glitched prints I can use!

All the best,