Lung CT Analyzer now supports lung lobes and emphysema statistics

Lung lobe segmentation has recently become a 2-minute process with Lung CT Segmenter calls of the TotalSegmentator AI extension.

Consequently, Lung CT Analyzer 2.62 now includes lung lobe analysis of pulmonary infiltrates, lung collapse, and emphysema. A special emphysema result table and display are available which will be helpful in lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) and the surveillance of COPD.

In this COPD case, 35% of the right upper lobe is affected, so this anatomical structure could be a primary target for LVRS.


The pathology (green) is detected well:


What minimum version of Slicer is required to run this new version of Lung CT Analyzer?

3D Slicer 5.2.1 stable and a CUDA-enabled Nvidia GPU (RTX1060 or better) are recommended and well tested.