Lung segmentation for Goddard Score

Operating system: iOS
Slicer version: 5.03
Expected behavior: Working properly
Actual behavior: Not working at all

Hi all, I am trying to use Slicer 5.03 to calculate Goddard score. The first problem is if I use parenchyma analysis (without segmentation), it sometimes work but sometimes not. The parencyma analysis just stay still and create the label map only and did not do anything else. Second, the segmentation from parenchyma analysis is generate the model automatically. Can we set up the level of segmentation, like for example the upper segment is from the apex of the lung to 1 cm above aortic arch, the middle segment is from 1 cm above aortic arch to 3 cm below carina, and the lower segment is from 3 cm below carina to diaphragm. I appreciate for any help. Thank you.